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The Lordship Group V main business is web site promotion, internet marketing, chain store sales, and owns and develops new search engines and directories, representing general, regional and international databases.

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Professional and personal web site promotion by an  active editor.
Chain Store Sales

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This project started years ago as a way to help users get listed to search engines and directories as there was nothing out there on the Interent except scams and disinformation. As a result I maintained contact with over 600+ webmasters of search facilities and update constantly this web site to bring insight to the users on the internet.

.I have been a sales specialist for over 30 years with a specialty to Mass Merchandisers, Chain Stores, Dept. Stores, and thousands of retailers in the US. Previously owned a multi mullion dollar major manufacture that distributed products to all wholesale and distribution markets on the East Coast. My accounts varied from K-Mart, Sears Roebuck, J.C. Penney Co., etc. to single standing discounters and retailers. When time permits I represent clients to chain store retailers and other industries, and also teach business people how to sell to chain stores and other large businesses.


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